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Dreikönigstrasse 7, Zürich

No rooms available

Place: Dreikönigstrasse 7, 8002 Zürich

Duration: 2. July 2018 - 31. December 2021

Usage: Commercial

Description: Projekt Interim has been entrusted with the use of individual office spaces and studios for more than 3 years at prime location near Paradeplatz Zurich. Community-rooms, meeting rooms and a kitchen – allow Know-how exchange and networking. The rooms will be designed modern and equipped with highspeed internet. The rooms are located next to Schanzengraben in the city centre. Paradeplatz and the Lake of Zurich are reachable in 2 minutes walking distance. Follow this link for a 3D visualisation : https://goo.gl/jdAGTr

Responsible: Corinne Walker