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Broad know how and wide ranging experience

Apart from understanding technical aspects we are experienced in the administration of buildings and are capable to legally structure and implement temporary use of real estate in English, German, French and Italian.

We are experienced in working with demanding clients and act in a straight-forward, solution-oriented and pragmatic manner. We are locally present and can rely on an extraordinary network in most areas across Switzerland.


Altin Adili

Accounting Clerk

Sarya Aridag

Employee Real Estate Management Zurich area

Sarya Aridag is an Employee Real Estate Management and supports the team in temporary use projects in the Zurich area. She completed her commercial apprenticeship in forwarding companies. After her successful apprenticeship she started to work at Projekt Interim.

Michael Allmendinger

Head of Finance

Michael Allmendinger is Head of Finance. Over the past three decades since completing his business studies, he has built up his experience in this area in a wide range of industries, in international corporations as well as in SMEs.

Lucas Berrux

Facility Management Romandie area

Lucas Berrux works in the Facility Management, where he is responsible for all properties in the French-speaking Switzerland. He takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of all objects. He already brings a lot of experience in facility management and real estate.

Doriane Avet

Project Manager Romandie area

Sandra Carvalho

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Sara Bietenholz

Assistant Manager Finance

Cristiana Costa

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Cristiana Costa takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of several properties in the Zurich area. She gained her experience in a large cleaning company and has been using it at Projekt Interim for several years.

Gabriel Coimbra

Facility Management Zurich area

Paula Dias

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Paula Dias works in the Facility management and is responsible for maintenance and cleaning work. She previously worked as a supermarket manager and in logistics.

David Derbin

Facility Management Basel and Berne area

Ivo Dubler

Team Leader Facility Management Zurich

Ionel Doswald

Intern Zurich area

Jeffrey Fehlmann

Employee Real Estate Management

Jeffrey Fehlmann is responsible for interim use projects in the greater Zurich area.
Before joining Projekt Interim in the real estate industry, he worked as a sales representative in the snowboard industry.

Chantal Giger

Assistant Manager Zurich region

Gabriela Goncalves

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Pablo Gubbi

Assistant Manager Zurich area

Pablo Gubbi originally comes from Ticino, where he worked as a bricklayer. Last year he was able to gain some experience as a trainee and is now working as an assistant manager.

Alketa Haziri

Assistant Manager Finance

Alketa Haziri supports the finance team of Projekt Interim and brings various industry experience for the locations in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. She is studying business law while working.

Prisca Hediger

Assistant Manager Zurich region

Gian Hiltebrand

Assistant Manager Zurich region

Serhii Hubarenko

Facility Management Zurich area

Kanita Kamberi

Assistant Manager Zurich region

Sang-Hun Jung

Assistant Manager Zurich area

Sang-Hun Jung supports his team as an assistant manager in temporary use projects in the greater Zurich area. Before joining Projekt Interim and starting his career in the real estate industry, he worked in the catering industry and as a pharmaceutical assistant.

Lorenzo Kettmeir

Managing Director Region Bern and Basel

Lorenzo Kettmeir, one of the co-founders of Projekt Interim, leads the company as Managing Director and is always on the lookout for new interim use projects. He particularly benefits from the fact that after studying architecture at USI in Mendrisio, he got to know the local real estate industry from various perspectives.

Nadine Kreutzberger

Employee Facility Management Basel Region

Karin Lenherr

CEO Pop-up Hotel Krone and Madulain Lodge

Karin Lenherr manages the temporary Pop-up Hotel Krone in Zurich and the Madulain Lodge. After completing her hotel business school and studies in tourism in Engadin, she worked for 14 years in event management at various agencies and event organisers in Zurich.

Drini Lumani

Facility Management Zurich area

Tatiana Macedo

Intern Management Region Zurich

Lazar Maksimovic

Office Management

Lazar Maksimovic has the overview of the whole team in the Zurich area, is responsible for the administrative work and is the first contact person for everyone. After his apprenticeship in business administration, he gained experience in various companies.

Ana Marques

Employee Facility Management Zurich Region

Ali Mirzai

Facility Management Zurich area

Habibe Özdemir

Employee Real Estate Management Zurich area

Habibe Özdemir is an experienced real estate manager in the Zurich area with many years of experience in big companies. Her background is in finance, complemented by work in a law firm.

Natalia Pereira

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Natalia Pereira is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of several properties in the Zurich area. She was most recently employed by a cleaning company.

Susana Pimentel

Employee Facility Management Zurich area

Michel Regorsek

Managing Director Romandie area

Michel Regorsek leads the company in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. He has worked in real estate management and real estate consulting for many years. As a trained engineer and a MAS in Real Estate at the University of Zurich, he brings his experience to the development of the company in western Switzerland.

Virginie de Scheerder

Project Manager Romandie area

Virginie works as a property management assistant in the Romandie region.
After an administrative education and many years of commercial experience in various industries, Virginie applies her skills in the real estate industry.

Jayen Simon

Managing Director Projekt Interim Zurich

Jayen Simon is deputy managing director of Projekt Interim Zurich. During his many years of work in the management of interim uses, he completed his training as a federally certified real estate trustee.

Solange Tagro

Project Manager Romandie area

Solang Tagro is responsible for temporary use projects in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After working for 20 years as a finance manager for multinational companies in various industries, Solange Tagro decided to realign her career in real estate and project management. She holds a certified accountant with a BSc in finance and business. For the past 8 years, she has worked as a Global Finance Director for a US-based multinational.

Elriz Traub

Project Manager Basel and Berne area

Morris Varga

Employee Real Estate Management

Elisha Witschard

Marketing & Communication

Elisha Witschard dispose d’une vaste expérience dans le domaine de la photographie et de la culture et travaille dans le marketing et la communication. Elle soutient ainsi l’équipe sur tous les sites de Projekt Interim en Suisse, en Autriche et en Allemagne.

Selin Yildirim

HR Generalist

Selin Yildirim works in Human Resources and is responsible for all HR management tasks. Previously, she worked in Office Management and was the first point of contact there as well.

Constance Yao

Facility Management Romandie area

Constance is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and supervision of buildings in the Romandie region. She is very versatile thanks to her experience in various sectors of activity including professional cleaning.

Vladyslav Yushchuk

Facility Management Zurich Region