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Zeughausstrasse 7, Zurich

No rooms available

Place: Zeughausstrasse 7, 8004 Zürich

Duration: 1. October 2022 - 31. July 2023

Usage: Office/studio, Storage

Description: The Schweizerische Interpretengenossenschaft SIG, represented by umt Immobilien GmbH, has commissioned Projekt Interim with the temporary use at Zeughausstrasse 7 in 8004 Zurich. The property has a variety of attractive offices and storage on five floors. Some of the offices have a small balcony. The sizes of the rooms vary between 6 m2 and 65 m2. On each floor there is a tablet with intercom and camera on the entrance, from where you can also open the door. Due to the very central location in the city of Zurich, shopping and catering facilities as well as the main train station can be reached within a few minutes walk.

Property owner: Schweizerische Interpretengenossenschaft SIG

Responsible: Sarya Aridag