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Waldhuus, Zürich

Rooms available

Place: Kurhausstrasse 20, 8032 Zürich

Duration: 1. July 2017 - 31. January 2023

Usage: Living, Office/studio, Parking space

Press: 30.10.2017, 20.10.2017, 19.10.2017, 21.08.2017, 18.07.2017, 13.07.2017, 10.07.2017, 19.06.2017, 16.06.2017, Handelszeitung, Blick, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, SRF

Description: Projekt Interim has been entrusted with the temporary use of a former hotel at Kurhausstrasse 20 in 8032 Zurich. The Waldhuus tenants benefit from the prime location with a beautiful view of the Zurich lake, the Üetliberg and the city, modern furnished common rooms with TV, games and kitchen as well as the nearby woods, vita parcours, ice rink and driving range. Thanks to the Dolderbahn, the Waldhuus can be reached within only 3 minutes from Römerhof station.

Responsible: Jayen Simon